We Are Animal lovers!!!

At pups4people Our number 1 Concern is for the Health and Care of the Puppies. Our number 2 Concern is that all Pups are going to be Paired with Responsible People whom are also Pet Lovers and that will Love and Care for their New Best Friend Forever. Please be very Thoughtful about whether you are Ready and able for a Lifelong Commitment.

Our Site is Always Changing.

The Pups shown here Today may Not be Here Tomorrow!  You should check back often as we are always changing out and acquiring new Pups to showcase. The Ultimate Goal is to Find Qualified Permanent Homes for these Amazing Animals.. 

More Things to Consider.

The Dollar figures indicated on this Web Site are in U.S.D.. The information provided here about the Animals For Sale was provided by The Breeder and transcribed to this Web Site.***Note: "All Pups for sale on this Website are Provided By "Private Breeders". Please Keep in mind We are not Infallible and sometimes Mistakes are made and Typos occur. Most of all we hope you Enjoy Browsing these Amazing pups and even if you are not ready to become a Provider for one of these Awesome Animals you may know someone that is. So feel free to Pass our Web Site on to a Qualified Provider. Thanks Again!!!